Quimidex We're banking on a sustainable world
Quimidex sustainable world
Quimidex Sustainable

We're banking on a sustainable world

To an even greater extent, the processes of brand or product selection incorporate environmental concerns, all in the name of responsible consumption. We are convinced that the future of professional hygiene is inexorably linked to the preservation of the environment and people's quality of life.


At Quimidex Professional we believe that development can only be sustainable if the environment is respected. From our company, we contribute actively to the evolution of the professional hygiene industry, raising awareness, integrating and taking responsibility for the part we play.


Reg.: EU Ecolabel: ES-CAT/020/018

ECOLABEL Certification (European Eco-label), European ecological seal of quality. It distinguishes products that meet the most demanding requirements of environmental quality and functionality.

ECOEMBES Certification.

Quimidex Profesional is a company adhered to the SIG (Integrated Management System of Containers and Residues), subject to the payment of a tax for the recycling of containers and residues.

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