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Quimidex Formula

Our Formula

Our company's formula is centred on customer service. To meet their needs we rely on: a team of motivated and highly experienced professionals, a constantly evolving research and development department, thorough, certified quality control, fluid internal and external communication, and effective and responsive technical assistance.


We coordinate all of these to offer you the best service with officially approved, safe, high-quality products to answer all your professional hygiene and disinfection needs.


Motivated Personnel

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Advanced Production

Continuous Innovation


Modern Marketing

National Coverage

Technical Assistance


High-quality Products

Certified Quality system


A Different Relationship

Planning for tomorrow, our concept of professional hygiene goes further than just products. Our aim is to persevere in creating and cementing a long and stable relationship of confidence with our clients. We want to share with them not only the day-to-day work but, above all, the values that define us as a professional, sustainable, committed, flexible and effective company.

The distributor, our partner

The Global Support System is a system that operates based on the specialised customer care that is established between the manufacturer and their distributors. This system allows us to create a relationship that goes further than just commercial cooperation, turning them into true partners. We form a single team, which bases its activities on transparency, loyalty, and communication to reach our common goals.

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Business action

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