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Planning for Tomorrow

We work towards a better, cleaner, safer and healthier tomorrow for employees and customers. This is the objective that motivates us, day after day, to keep advancing and innovating in the world of professional hygiene and disinfection.


At Quimidex Profesional we believe that, in sectors such as sanitation, restoration and food hygiene where the levels of demand are constantly rising, tomorrow is today.


Since 1994 we have been working to improve people's lives while maintaining complete respect the environment. We persevere in creating excellent products and hygiene systems through safe and efficient solutions that respond to real needs and which are able to anticipate the challenges of the future. We innovate in planning for the needs of society and of our clients.

Our Formula

One team with a single goal

Our company's formula is centred on customer service. To meet their needs we rely on: a team of motivated and highly experienced professionals, a constantly evolving research and development department, thorough.... read more

The main asset of our company is each one of our employees. For over 15 years, we at Quimidex Profesional have formed a team of committed and highly specialised professionals who share the company's values... read more

Commitment to Quality

The high quality of our products and services which we demand of ourselves, the absolute respect for the environment, heath and job security and the traceability of our products and their components has formed.... read more

We're banking on a sustainable world

To an even greater extent, the processes of brand or product selection incorporate environmental concerns, all in the name of responsible consumption.... read more

Continuous Training

Technical Assistance

Continuous training and response to the professional interests of our team forms a fundamental part of the way our company works... read more

Our specialised personnel guarantee continuous technical assistance which assures security, peace of mind and confidence that our clients can keep their systems... read more

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